Camera Roll Highlights - Taxation Without Representation

I just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. for the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) convention. I never miss an opportunity to network and I certainly never miss a trip to D.C. so of course I had great time. One of my soul sisters, Anne, lives in D.C. and just moved into a new apartment days before I arrived. I was honored to be her first house guest.

Highlights of the trip included:

  • Brunch. Everyday. - Anne informed me of the blog Bitches who Brunch that highlights various brunch places in D.C. Needless to say I took advantage of the brunch scene daily,
  • Monuments at Night - I went on a tour of the monuments at night with my friends Catelyn and David (Dave grew up in D.C. but had never been on an official tour so we made it happen.) I have seen many of them before but they are so much more powerful at night.  It was also my first time seeing the Martin Luther King Jr. one which was incredible.
  • Gallerying. -I love art and D.C. has amazing art museums, many that are free. My favorite exhibit that I saw was at the Hirshhorn by Barbra Kruger. There was a whole room that was just filled with words and quotes. Here is a link to the exhibition.
  • Walking.- I am a city girl at heart so I love trips where I can walk or take public transportation everywhere. I love moving and people watching. I feel like I accomplished something before I even get to work or where I was going.
  • 60 Degrees. -Shopping in Georgetown in 60 degree weather. Yup, it was 60 degrees this past weekend. It was also one of those shopping adventures when I found everything I was looking for which made the weather  seem even better.
  • Being Social. - Most of the trip involved hanging out with friends and making new ones. I have close friends in D.C. and it was great to spend time with them and meet their friends. I also look forward to NASP every year to meet up with school psychs I know from around the country and networking to meet new people. I feel like I laughed the whole trip.
  • Carry-On - For the first time in recent history I packed all of my items in one carry-on suitcase there, did a little shopping, and still fit in everything in a carry-on for the way home.

D.C. is very inspirational to me. There is a so much history and passion truly fills the air. I got teary eyed at the airport having to leave Anne and the city but the trip left me feeling motivated to conquer my own passion when I returned.

Here are some highlights from my camera roll.