Monday Musing - Amazon Smile Makes me Smile

I am working on smiling and doing things that make me happy this week.


Want to make me smile? Then use Amazon Smile to support my beloved Iowa HOBY, the leadership conference I volunteer for! My current role for the organization is working as the fundraising director on the corporate board. One of my fundraising efforts is Amazon Smile which I would love for you to use. Any time that you want to buy something off Amazon, use this link and go through the banner that is on the left side of my blog. Then make your purchases as you normally would (no extra cost to you) and Iowa HOBY gets a small kickback. It will indicate what organization you are donating to in the top left corner of Amazon and it will also verify that you donated to Iowa HOBY after you make the purchase. It is an easy way to use and is a small action that will make a big difference!

Spread the word : )