#Eureka - Here's To The Night - A Grown Up Prom

My friend Staci and I love to throw theme parties. We decided to have a party the day after my defense to celebrate. When coming up with ideas, I decided that a prom theme would be an amazing way to celebrate  the new letters after my name. I wanted everyone to come dressed in attire that was $10 or less to make it even more fun! I have the best friends because they came decked out and we had a blast.

Here is Staci and I having fun with the self-timer on the camera waiting for our guests to arrive. 

I found this dress at a vintage store in Iowa City. The flower was actually on the dress but I took it off and made it into a headband. All the black you see is velvet. 

We turned Staci's living room into a dance floor and also had a place for the Wallflowers. Everyone voted for Prom King and Queen and the guy below won BOTH King and Queen. It was a sweet victory. The prom committee decided on the theme Here's To the Night with black and gold as the colors. We served spiked punch and had a photo booth (aka my computer with the Photo Booth app up). We made corsages and boutonnieres out of roses for our guests and hosted an after prom in Staci's loft. 

I set up my 'nice' camera on a tripod and took prom photos of all the couples (Bennett was on call this past weekend so he had to miss out on the fun). The photos are currently being processed and will be mailed to all the couples that choose to have their photo taken as a favor. Below is a slideshow of my favorites. Feel free to save any photos you would like to have!

And this is my favorite photo of the night.  These ladies make me so happy.