Website Update!

These past few days I have been working on an update to my website and am excited to go live with it today. It has been over a year since I started the blog The Progressive Pearl and I was ready for some change. I had been making a separate website ( to house my resume and for professional contacts, but I figured I just as well combine the two. 

So you can get to my website by going to either

  •  or

If you subscribe to the blog everything should stay the same. 

To help with my website, I had Amanda Monday at BirdsDream Design take headshots of me. She also took our family photos earlier this year and is awesome to work with. You can view some of the photos we took on her blog here and all around this site. It seemed a little narassistic to request headshots but I then realized it is a 'thing" to do now in a world of social media and promoting yourself as a brand in terms of the content you provide.

There is something in psychology called Face Validity. It is a term that refers to the idea that the more professional and legit something looks, the more people take it seriously. I figured by having professional photos and a somewhat looking professional website, people may take me more seriously than having over filtered Instagam selfies everywhere. For the photo shoot we decided to go to downtown Iowa City. We took most of the shots of me drinking coffee and reading the paper in one of my favorite places in the city, a grocery market/coffee shop called the Bread Garden Market and then in the library downtown, where I spend a lot of time. Below is my favorite series of photos because it basically sums up my Saturday mornings in Iowa City.