#Eureka - Vanity Area on a budget

My routine of getting ready in the morning has always consisted of me sitting on the floor with makeup and hair products spread everywhere. It is always a mess, I always stain the carpet, and I can never find anything. So I decided to set up a little vanity area in the guest bedroom. I looked into buying a makeup vanity and they were all out of my price range so I got a little creative and made my own version for around $125. Here is how it turned out - I love it and feel so organized! 

I bought a parson's desk off of Amazon to hold everything for $72. It worked out perfect and even has a little drawer for me to keep some items. Here are some of the items that I used for the area: 

  • Red folding chair from Target - I liked the cutout design in it. 
  • I repurposed an office supply desk organizer I had to hold makeup. I used my trusty label maker to help organize each drawer. 
  • I moved my "Be Brave" print which was a birthday gift from one of my Soul Sisters, to the vanity. It is a great daily reminder to have posted. Beside that is a makeup brush holder I made out of a  used candle I had.  I put the candle (Aloha Orchid by Capri Blue from Anthrologie - my favorite) in the freezer to freeze the remainder pieces of the candle. Then I used a knife to cut out the candle pieces and it became the perfect makeup holder. 
  • I got the "Early Mornings Mess Hair Black Coffee" print from Society6 which is one of my favorite websites. (I also got the compass pillow pictured below from there) . 
  • The bedroom has terrible lighting so I added an industrial hanging light I found at a thrift store for $9. 
  • My beautiful vintage perfume tray is now housed on desk. 
  • I found a black storage bin on sale at Target to house my hair products for $11.  

A few months ago I also spruced up the guest bedroom with a new quilt and some accessories. I had my eye on this quilt for a long time because I was so drawn to the color palette. I was going back and forth and then I saw it in person in a friend's guest bedroom -  I decided I had to get it. Now when we stay in each other's guest bedrooms we will feel even more at home!