That's My Jam - Airbnb - Cooler & Cheaper Than a Hotel

Bennett and I have had the past week blocked off for vacation days for over a year but put off planning what we were actually going to do in that time. Someone at work suggested Nashville which was about 8 hours away - we thought it sounded cool so we packed up our car (Pax included) and drove to Nashville for a road trip! We had a blast and got back late last night. I will post about some of our favorite Nashville spots tomorrow but I wanted to share what we did for accommodations because I was so impressed with the service. 

When looking at hotels last minute, the nice and conveniently located hotels were well out of our student loan poor budget. I had heard about  Airbnb and after researching the site we decided to use it.  Airbnb is a place for people to post rentals properties or even rooms in their place for others to stay in. There are similar sites but Airbnb has the best reputation domestically. You can filter your Airbnb search to look at the accommodations and amenities you are looking for. For example, we wanted to have a property all to our selves that allowed dogs. When looking at the options, there were multiple amazing places that were located right where we wanted to stay for half the price of a hotel. Plus you get a host that can help you navigate the city if needed and are able to experience more of what it is like to live there. SOLD!

Here are a few photos of our place. It was a loft on top of our hosts' house. It was similar to an income property you would see on HGTV, separate everything except it was physically connected to the house. Our hosts were incredible, they offered us advice on where to go, had a tandem bike, vintage camper, and recording studio available for use, and  even had warm homemade banana bread waiting for us when we arrived. They call their property Be Nice or Leave. 

Not only do I recommend you to use  Airbnb if you are traveling, I encourage you to explore  the website, especially the wish lists. The wish lists are curated lists of Airbnb and its users of places to stay. They are so good that I think from now on I may pick a place to stay then go to that city when planning vacations.  To see what I am talking about check out my favorite wish lists below. 

Top 5 Airbnb Wish Lists 

Airstreams Wish List - This is a list of all vintage Airstream campers that have been redone for people to stay in. They all have that outdoorsy, hipster flair that I am drawn to. 

Treehouses - Yes. This is a list of Treehouses for rent. You can stay at a Tree House in Spain for $41 a night which now, thinking about it, sounds like a like good bucket list item. 

Handmade Homes - These are all unique homes built by people, all of them are incredible. 

Trains - These are trains converted into housing. What???? 

Modernist Marvels - It will be years on years before Bennett and I can afford to have the modern style house I so desire. So until then, we can stay in these. I have been wanting to go to Austin and now have been eye on that one on this list. 

Group Trip Anyone?

I think it would be so fun for a group of friends to get together and rent a huge Airbnb place for a weekend trip. If you are interested, let me know!