Monday Musing - Hugs

At HOBY we always give each other hugs to greet each other. We call it HOBY Hugs and always sign our emails and texts "HOBY Hugs, Allison!"  Today one of my HOBY friends posted the website below called The Nicest Place on the Internet in honor of our HOBY hugs. It is a website that shows people giving hugs to the camera set to a beautiful song. 

Check it out: The Nicest Place on the Internet 

How can this not brighten your day? 

Hugs can say so much. They also make us feel good. Science says that hugs can create a strong social bond and even lower blood pressure and relieve stress, So I challenge all of you to hug more.

You should also submit a hug to the Nicest Place on the Internet or send a hug in the mail!