Documenting the Days - HOBY Training Institute

I just returned from Houston for the HOBY Training Institute (TI) representing Iowa HOBY. For Iowa HOBY I serve on the corporate board, am the Director of Recruitment, and I am assisting with planning the program. TI is a conference for HOBY volunteers to learn from each other and get ideas and resources.

Each state submits a gift basket to represent their state and be raffled off. I filled our gift basket with some fun Iowa items from Raygun, one of my favorite stores (check them out), among other Iowa things. There is also an awards dinner where Iowa took home a handful of trophies. 

The trip was the perfect end to my summer adventures. I came back inspired and excited to get to work on all of my ideas. The trip was also great because I got to spend time with HOBY family and met some great new people who are now a part of my HOBY circle.

It is difficult to explain to others all of the reasons I love my HOBY friends. Being at TI, I realized one of the reasons I enjoy being around HOBY people is because of the conversations. A lunch conversation can range from examining the plot of a recent episode of the Real Housewives to your opinion on the effectiveness of the #ASLBucketChallenge to a deep discussion about the religious beliefs of the household you grew up in.  And that is why I love being around HOBY people. 

We also got to spend a little bit of time out in Houston. I had some Tex-Mex, went line dancing where I attempted to learn the Texas Two-Step, and made sure to have a shopping excursion to one of the biggest malls in the country. 

Here are a few photos from the awards dinner that make me smile.