Keep is Cool

One of the apps that I am constantly on these days is Keep. Keep is basically like Pinterest except that there are prices and product details associated with every item on the site. You can directly buy all of the items through the app so you just have one account for all online shopping. They even notify you when items you have your eye on go on sale- how cool is that?!

Keep is similar to Pinterest is that there is a feed of the items that people you follow keep in their collections. There are a lot of fashion bloggers and stylists on the site that are really great at finding unique items and curating boards. I have found many affordable clothing and home decor sites from Keep that I have never heard of before. 

Sign up here to try it out for yourself! 


On Keep you make your own collections that are similar to Pinterest boards of things that you like or would like to purchase. I have a board for all the shoes I want, one for things around the house, one for gift ideas, etc. 


Another thing I love about the app is the "Deals" section. This section does highlight sales but it also contains some awesome curated content around themes.  

We you find an item you can choose to like it, keep it in a collection (similar to a Pinterest board) or buy it through Keep. You can also look up product details and reviews by going to the site on the app. 

Keep is cool, trust me.