Good Cool Hunting

I started blogging nearly three years ago to document my daily life and have my own little space on the internet to collect images and thoughts that inspire me.  I have gotten away from that as my schedule has increasingly grown more out of control launching my own business. With my crazy schedule I find that a hobby I always make time to do is search for cool things. So I thought I would shift this blog to just simply cool things I find. 

What is a cool thing? 

I define a cool thing as any product, tip, piece of information, book, podcast, tool, business, app, resource etc. that makes my life better, is interesting/ascetically pleasing or is just straight up fun and makes me smile.

Some organizations have people that have the title of "cool hunter". These employees have the task of investigating upcoming trends in youth culture with the goal of being ahead of the curve. While I personally am an early adopter of many trends or products, I have no interest in learning what the kids are saying these days. My goal is not to find things that are solely trendy or new but want to just find things that are cool.  I will still share updates of my life along the way, because let's face it - I want to do cool things with my life. I am going to refer to this new venture as good cool hunting and am excited to get started!



The first cool thing I want to share is something I use everyday - Quartz. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 10.45.04 PM.png

I love news but find it difficult to find world news. Twitter has made that easier but I often miss stories in my feed and even though I still watch the Today Show everyday, all I get from that are pop culture updates and Carson Daily's take on what is trending on social media. Quartz has been an awesome solution for me.  It is a digitally native news outlet for the new global economy. You can go to their website to get a list of news stories by topic, latest obsessions, or most recent stories. It is owned by the Atlantic Media Co. which publishes The Atlantic magazine, one of my favorites.  

The part of Quartz that I think is the coolest is the daily brief tool. You can sign up to get a daily email that summarizes all the biggest news stories worldwide. It includes links to more details in each summary and also includes fun stories in a variety of topic areas. It talks about what happened when you were sleeping, current topics of debate, recent discoveries and obsessions of the writers. The writing is creative, witty, and engaging - I promise it is not boring! I can read it in five minutes or spend more time looking into the stories that interest me. I always feel well informed and love that at the end of the daily email it wishes me a productive day.

Sign up for the Daily Brief Here. 

Here is an example of one of the briefs. Try it out and let me know what you think!