Documenting the Days - Sunday Brunch Tradition

Today Bennett and I hit up Lot 2, a wine bar in the area of Omaha called Benson, for Sunday brunch. I am all about creating traditions and a tradition we started over a year ago was to go out to brunch on Sunday morning for some time to reflect on the week and what is coming up. We have been all over Omaha for brunch and have loved the time together and trying new places. Here are a few pictures from today.  l am in love with the new mason jar light fixture they just put up at Lot 2.

Below are a few pictures from the last year of us out to Sunday Brunch drinking coffee.  While we have been to virtually every brunch place in Omaha we do have a few favorites we go back to often. Our favorite brunch spots include:

We will most definitively continue this tradition in Iowa City because we love it and look forward to it each week. If you ever want to join us - just let us know - we love brunching with friends!