Monday Musing - What If I Fall?

I finished my work contract last week and it is now officially summer for me!

::pumps fist in the air triumphantly:: 

I have a jam packed summer scheduled which makes me sooooo happy I just got back from Kansas City late last night and am headed to Nashville today through Friday. I will be traveling a lot in the upcoming weeks and will keep my travels updated on the blog. Contact me if I will be in your area to meet up. I currently have trips scheduled to Nashville, Sioux City, Des Moines, Omaha, Seattle, Chicago, and Houston.

Amidst all of the summer travel, I will be working on building a business with my father. We are starting a creativity consulting firm named Axle Rev.  Our mission is to promote the value of creativity and help individuals, leaders, and organizations foster creative intelligence. We will be providing online classes, in person trainings/workshops, and various consulting packages. Axle stands for the axle of a wheel that helps move the wheel forward. We want to be the support that helps move organizations forward. Rev stands for Revolution - because that is what we want to start. 

We will be launching our website and first set of online courses in late August so stay tuned because we will need a few friends to test our classes and provide feedback! 

To clarify, I will still be working as a school psychologist next year and be doing this at the same time. In the time I used to spend on school and research, I will now use to build our business.

I have been getting my feet wet in the entrepreneurial world of Iowa the last two months working on this and have realized how empowering but scary being an entrepreneur is.  I am very passionate about our idea and what we have to offer, but what if it fails? What if no one understands what creativity consulting is? What if no one sees value in our work? I feel very vulnerable to be in the early stages of starting a business. Whenever I tell someone about our business, I analyze every part of their reaction. I just want to know, do they think it is genius, or do they think I am crazy? The community in Iowa City has been nothing but supportive and helpful and I am so thankful for that. However, it takes a lot of strength to put your ideas out there and receive opinions, feedback, and criticism about something you are passionate about. Thus, this week I will be musing about the importance of having confidence in my work.

A personal summer goal if you will. 

If you have tips, mantras, or routines that help you be confident in your work, I would love to hear them!