Gamma Phi

Documenting the Days - Gamma Phi Beta Convention

I spent the last week in Seattle at the Gamma Phi Beta convention. The convention is held every two years and is a time when all of the alumnae and current members of the sorority get together and discuss the state of the sorority and are able to exchange ideas and resources. I attended as the Chapter Advisor for the Rho chapter at the University of Iowa and had the executive team with me. 

The programming of the convention was on Building Strong Girls (the service focus for Gamma Phi Beta) and having authentic confidence in ourselves. I really identified with this message because one of the many reasons I enjoy volunteering for all of the leadership conferences I attend is because I see value in being a mentor. In a time in my life when I am personally working to Lean In, Thrive and be a #GirlBoss, I see Building Strong Girls as something that is vital to society. 


I also really appreciated the focus on having authentic confidence because in trying to start a business I find more than ever that I need to be able to be confident in my ideas and know who I am and what I want. 

I was very proud of the women from Iowa that attended with me. I have seen them grow as both leaders and women over the course of this year. It was fun for me to witness them be inspired and come up with ideas to take back to their organization to improve it. I love this group because they also know how to have fun, which is important to me. For example, not many people would think it would be a good idea to go to the Space Needle at 11pm after a long day at a conference, but we thought it was a genius idea and we had a blast. 

I took a ton of photos - here are a few of my favorites. 

And my favorite photo of the trip. The Real Housewives of Rho pose. 

Documenting the Days - Love Labor Learning Loyalty

Starting in May I will be the new  Chapter advisor for the Rho chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority in Iowa City. No it is not a new job, but a new volunteer commitment. Gamma Phi Beta was a large part of my college experience. I served in many leadership roles including President and met some of my best friends (sisters) through it. It gave me leadership experience, brought out the best in me, and was incredibly fun.

The mission of Gamma Phi is to "Inspire the highest type of womanhood." The values of the sorority are the 4 L's. Love. Labor. Learning. Loyalty. I deeply believe in bringing young, strong woman together to work toward this mission using these values. It is why I adore Gamma Phi so much and continue to give my time to the organization. 

I have been an advisor in many different capacities since I graduated but I will now will oversee all aspects and other advisors for this chapter. I have started attending meetings and getting to know the women and am very excited to give my time to help their chapter grow. This past weekend I went to Dallas for The Academy, which is a Gamma Phi Beta leadership institute for all Chapter Advisors and presidents. I had an awesome time networking, learning, and spending time with my sisters from around the nation. I didn't take that many photos but below are a few shots from my phone.

Photos below include: my vintage Gamma Phi Beta badge that was given to me when I was president (it's from 1938), a huge pajama party with everyone in attendance, and a tiara I won for having a group that came up with the best cheer (typical).