Monday Musing- 100 Happy Days Recap

I completed the #100HappyDays challenge a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the challenge and feel that it did make me happier. Every day I had to make sure I did one thing, even if it was a little thing like getting a coffee from my favorite coffee shop, to make me happy. This is something that I have continued after the challenge just from habit. Traveling, friends, learning, working on my business, coffee, art, and flowers always were sure ways to lift my mood according to my challenge photos. Looking through this photos and spending 100 days thinking about happiness has made me self-aware about what does make my happy and made me put happiness as a priority in my life.   I definitely recommend completing the challenge to anyone who is thinking about it. 

When you are done with the challenge you can donate to the 100 Happy Days Foundation (they are working on some amazing ideas!) and can get your 100 days of photos in various forms based on the amount you donate. I donated $15 to get a mini book of all of my photos as a reminder to always do things that make me happy.

Here are my 100 photos from the challenge! So many things can happen in 100 days . . .

#Eureka- If you're happy and you know it - share a pic!

I have been trying to think about what makes me happy and then do more of it.

To help myself do this, I joined in on the 100 happy days challenge. The 100 Happy Days challenge is a movement for people to do something that makes them happy for 100 days in a row. The idea is to take a picture of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days in a row and share it with the hashtag #100HappyDays. 71% of people who tried to complete the challenge failed citing that they did not have enough time to do it - they did not have enough time to be happy? What?!

I am on Day 14 and have really enjoyed it so I wanted to spread the word. You can register here - join the challenge with me! If you finish the challenge you can even get a little book with all of your photos.

That's My Jam - Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Candle

In the book the Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin discusses how she walked into a party and was drawn to the scent of the candle. She immediately found out what the candle was and bought it for her office because the smell made her happy. In the book she writes:

Though I sometimes mocked the scented-candle pushing brand of happiness building, I discovered that there is something nice about working in an office with a candle burning. It’s like seeing snow falling outside the window or having a dog snoozing on the carpet beside you. It’s a kind of silent presence in the room and very pleasant
— The Happiness Project

I love the store Anthropologie and often go there to clear my mind and de-stress because the environment is calming and inspiring for me. A few years ago when I went in there was a candle burning that I was drawn to and bought immediately. It was a Capri Blue candle in the Aloha Orchid scent. Since then, I always have one on hand and burn it frequently because it is simply a scent that makes me happy. Anthropologie sells four versions of it as seen below (they are all the same scent, just different containers).

Because I (and Bennett) love this scent so much, I decided to 'bless' our new house with it. I threw one of Aloha Orchid candles I had in my purse when we went to the closing.  I pulled it out first thing when we walked into the house to burn. The scent filled the house and it immediately felt like home.