#Eureka - A Pet Communicator

Over the holidays, my sister Britni received the gift of time with a pet psychic from my parents. Below is a photo of her with the gift and her dog Otis that she rescued. Animal control found him in an alley, he was very malnourished when she adopted him. Britni always wanted to know what his life was like before and why no one was trying to find him. One of my father's coworkers had used a pet psychic (she actually identifies herself as a pet communicator) and thought it worth the try. I thought I would share her experience.

I gave Otis that bow tie.

I gave Otis that bow tie.

Britni said the pet communicator communicated telepathically with Otis. She would close her eyes and then tell Britni what the dog said. Here are some highlights on what the communicator said Otis told her.

  • Otis said his past owner told his wife he was taking him to a new home (because he peed too much on the carpet) but didn't.  Instead he left Otis on the side of the road!
  • Otis used to live with a dog named Cookie and he was concerned and wanted to know if they knew where Cookie was.
  • When asked what his name was prior to Britni adopting him, Otis told the pet communicator he thought his name was "damnit" and "damn dog". We assume that is because he was getting yelled at for going to the bathroom on the carpet.
  • He likes that Britni and her boyfriend get along because his old owners did not. 
  • Otis said he doesn't know what to do when Brit goes to work so he just watches TV. He asked the communicator if she could come over to spend time with him while Britni was at work.
  • Britni had her ask Otis if he would like another dog to keep him company. At first he asked what he did wrong. Then once he understood, he said as long as he is the #1 dog and the other dog doesn't boss him around.
  • Otis said he has gained a lot of confidence since Britni took him in.
  • Otis also said that he likes his food better than at his old house and really likes people food the rare times he gets it.

The verdict is out on how I feel about all of this,  as I believe in science. However, Britni said being there, the pet communicator was very convincing. This whole pet communicator thing also makes me think about what Pax is thinking and how he likes his life. I want to book a session now for Pax, if nothing else, just to experience the session and have the story to tell!

The communicators name is Holly Jacobs and she lives in the Kansas City area. Here is a link to an article that interviewed her about her powers. The article indicates that her email is if you are interested in contacting her for a session.