Documenting the Days - Pax & the Rain

It has been raining for the past few days which means Pax has been constantly panting


My mom bought Pax a Thundershirt to help him in these situations. It is supposed to use the swaddling technique that is effective for infants to comfort pets in times of stress.  Below is a commercial that describes the product and its uses. Pax has a lot of anxiety in general and I think that the jacket has helped him when we go on car trips, travel, or leave the house. We keep it on him most of the time so he doesn't associate the jacket with anxiety provoking events.  For thunderstorms, his anxiety has lessened (he used to hide under the bed) but he still pants and shakes like crazy. Overall, I think it is worth having him wear and would suggest it for others to use. I just wish my cognitive behavioral techniques would work as well with dogs as it does with kids so I could get to the source of his anxiety issues.

Pax panting - he looks happy but he is actually terrified.

Pax panting - he looks happy but he is actually terrified.

Pax had enough courage to go outside in the rain with his Thundershirt and got drenched. This is how he tried to dry himself off.