These Dogeared Bags are Totes Cool

I came home today to a package on my doorstep from my thoughtful friend Britney. She told me she sent me a little something that just reminded her of me. I opened the package and it was this glorious, huge tote bag that nominated Coffee for President. ☕☕☕☕☕


If you see me walking at any given time I am usually carrying two to three bags. I spent the last two years not having a permanent office so I got used to carrying a portable office of sorts in a tote bag so I could work wherever I needed to. The habit of carrying an extra bag or two stuck with me and now I find myself putting books, resources, magazines, umbrellas, an extra pair of shoes, etc in my overflow handbag. 

This bag is made by the company Dogeared; you may recognize the company from the jewelry they make.  You can check out their bags here (The Coffee for President bag is available here.) Dogeared also makes makeup bag size versions of each style. These bags are nice because they are high quality, strong, big totes that have a pocket inside.  I put up a few photos of other bags they sell that I like to show how big they are in context.  🙌