A Cool Productivity Tool - Coffitivity

 Coffitivity is a free website and app that simulates the sound of coffee shop to help you be more productive and creative. Research from the University of Chicago found that a moderate level of ambient noise is best for creativity. ::: research article here :::  Coffitivity has looping sounds of a coffee shop: snippets of conversation, glasses clanking, the espresso machine, doors opening, etc. which are exactly the level and type of noise the study found to be most helpful for creativity.

I have been a user of Coffitivity since it started in 2013. I use it everyday. When you go to the website you will see a list of ambient noise categories, my favorite is the Morning Murmur. The first three themed sounds on the site (pictured below) are free. For $9 a year you can get access to the full list. 

If you like to listen to music you can adjust your music to be slightly louder than the website's ambient noise.  I typically just listen to the Coffitivity tones by itself.  

As someone who has always worked in coffee shops because I have felt most productive there (now I know why), I have found this website to be extremely helpful in increasing my productivity despite my location. 

There are lots of other websites that provide ambient noise and include sounds from nature, animals, music, etc. Here are three other websites that I like using: 

Jazz and Rain 

A Soft Murmur


Spotify also has productivity playlists that include ambient noise with music if you prefer to use that platform. When I really need to buckle down and get work down, Coffitivity will always remain my go-to clutch move. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


Monday Musing- My New Grind

I have not blogged in awhile on this platform because I have a new daily grind that is keeping me busy. My father and I have decided to start a creativity consulting business. We are both going to continue to work full time while building this business (we are in the VERY early stages).  Thus, I have been spending a good portion of my free time working on building our new venture. Although my new grind means worker hard and longer hours, it feels so good to have made the choice to chase my dream. 



To help with this project, I recently joined the IC CoLab. This is a co-working space in Iowa City. It is sponsored by a combination of the city, the university, and local businesses. It is a space where people who are starting a business or have small business can work in the same space to collaborate and share resources. The membership includes printing, copying, access to conference rooms, and even coffee! There is always something going on at the CoLab, they have meetups, lectures, and networking events to help connect the startup community. I have a   moonlighting membership which means that I work on nights and weekends. 

Here are a few shots I took on my phone of the front lobby and the community style tables. 

 The Iowa City Area Development (ICAD) group is housed out of the CoLab and works with members to help them grow their businesses. This is what makes the CoLab different from many other co-working spaces. The development group works with its tenants to provide them with guidance and connect them to resources. 

As the website for the CoLab describes.

"We’ve toured coworking facilities across the country to help create the best facility for this area. With the help of partners from around the region, we are creating something special. These coworking spaces are the only ones in the nation operated by an economic development group. What does that mean to you? It means having the support and structure of a team committed to the success of the space, the advancement of this region, and the growth of your company. Our profit is the growth and strength of our region.  The bottom line is you."

I have only been at the CoLab for two weeks and already have learned so much and met some great people. I am proud that I made the decision to join and work on something I love.