#Eureka - #GrownupCarnival

When my friend Staci and I had a ton of leftover raffle tickets from a recent gathering where we gave out raffle prizes at a dinner party, we joked that we could use the extra tickets to throw a carnival. Then we decided, why not? Let's throw a carnival . . .  but one for grownups so people would actually come! That is why I love Staci, whenever we have an idea we actually make it happen. Staci just moved into a new house and I knew I was going to be in Omaha for my dissertation weekend -  so we planned to have the party at her new place as a housewarming of sorts while I was in town this past Saturday. 

The following activities were included in the carnival:

  • Bean Bag Toss -  easy way to earn some tickets 
  • Duck Pond  - each duck had a different phrase on it, the more offensive the less tickets you earned
  • Pinata - filled with some small alcohol shooters /small wine bottles
  •  Petting Zoo  -  Staci's dog, Benson, walking around
  • Fortune Teller - Tarot cards we left out
  • Face Painting -  people got very creative with this
  • Temporary Tattoos -  crowd favorite
  • Ring Toss  -  another way to rack up the tickets
  • Cake Walk - where the prizes were not a cake but small bottles of wine
  •  Photo Booth - a must at every event in 2013
  • Kissing Booth - cute photo op
  • Twister  - this seemed like a good idea during planning . . .

We had lots of carnival goodies like lollipops, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, Our signature drink was a snow cone that you could infuse with alcohol if you wanted. We also had a ton of fun prizes that people could turn in their tickets to get. Prizes included:  friendship and snap bracelets, boas, sunglasses, dinosaur hats, a Phoenix Suns poster, Penthouse magazines Staci found when she moved into her house, and other random prizes. Staci's brother-in-law even made a special rap for the carnival. Below is a file of the rap and a few photos. I wish I would have taken more photos but I was too busy enjoying myself. We decided this has to be an annual event so I will make sure to capture the event better next year.