#Eureka - Adult Field Day

The party duo strikes again.

Staci and I decided to have a small gathering a few weeks ago that we called Adult Field Day. We instructed a group of our friends to head over to Staci's house (In Omaha), pick up a sack lunch, and walk over to the elementary school field near Staci's house.

Staci and I had set up a Field Day at the park like we used to have in elementary school. We dressed up as gym teachers or at least tried to dress up in that way. I ended up looking a divorcee from the 80's going to Bingo night in Long Island.  We had a megaphone, stopwatches, whistles, and even a scoreboard to play the part.  

We spilt up into three teams and had the events that are listed on this official scoreboard. Before each event we would announce (on the megaphone) the rules and how the points would be distributed for that event.  

We also had a parachute that I ordered off of Amazon to play with as a reminder of how cool PE was in elementary school. 

Here are some highlights of the events. 

We handed out participant ribbons to everyone who came because it is America. We also had Field Day dog tags that the members of the winning team got to take home. The ultimate prize was a trophy of winged shoes that said "Adult 2014 Field Day Champion" that I ordered from Crown Awards one of my favorite websites on the planet. (I somehow didn't get a photo of it) We had a few little kids at the event so we ended up giving the trophy to one of the participant's son because how could you not?  

But don't worry, the trophies are cheap so when I ordered them I made sure to order a few extra including this one I made for myself. 

photo 1-7.JPG

It was an awesome afternoon, it reminded me of how important it is for me to have friends who are up for anything. When you have a group like that, you can have a such a great time! 

#Eureka - Backyard Coachella Party


My friend Staci and I love to throw theme parties for our friends. She lives in Omaha so when I moved away we decided to make sure we still threw parties every few months as a reason to get together.  This past weekend we planned a Coachella themed event that we threw in her backyard. For those of you who are not familiar with Coachella, it is a music and arts festival in California. The event is known for its fashion where anything goes; it has a very hippie, carefree vibe. 

Backyard Coachella



For the decor we had lots of feathers, flowers, and arrows. The table featured a dream catcher that Staci made. She accented it with feathers dipped in gold glitter glue. I made a garland of paper feathers and arrows that I cut out from a wrapping paper and sewed together. We ordered some floral cups, a table runner, and feather napkins from H&M (see here) and had lots of flowers. All of our parties feature a photo op area and for this party we put together a small tent with fun pillows from Staci's house. To top it off Staci painted a wooden sign with the party name and stuck some flowers in a pair of her boots!


We had lots of things to do at Backyard Coachella including: 

  • Temporary Tattoo Station - We had my favorite temporary tattoos Tattify for our guests to apply. We also had some Flash Sliver and Gold Tattoos that were a huge hit. They are high quality temporary tattoos that last 4-6 days, have great sophisticated designs, and a fun metallic sheen. 
  • Friendship Bracelet Making - I printed out instructions for various types of friendship bracelets and put lots of fun colors of threads to make them.
  • Root Beer Float Station 
  • Cigar Bar - This included Staci's vintage match collection and cigars Bennet and I brought back from the Dominican Republic. 
  • Huge KerPlunk Game - Staci made this! 
  • Bean Bag Toss - Any good outdoor event has one. 
  • Yard Yahztee Game - We had huge Yahzette dice and scorecards. 
  • Life Size Jenga Game - Always a hit at any party. 
  • Hookah - Bennett found this day of for cheap, it added to the theme. 
  • Hula Hoops & Bubbles 
  • Wristbands - We ordered wristbands that they give out at music venues for our guests to make them feel like they were at a real music event. 
  • Music - We had music playing and one of our friends performed a few of his amazing raps as our headliner. Best part of the night!
  • Pizza- Everyone put in some money so we could order pizza : ) 
  • Sparklers & Chinese Lanterns 

Action Shots 

As always, I wish I would have taken more photos to be able to capture the event better. But I had so much fun catching up with my favorite people and got distracted so I did not get as many photos as I would have liked. I think we may need to hire a photographer for our next bash! But here are a few iPhone moments I managed to catch. 

#Eureka - Here's To The Night - A Grown Up Prom

My friend Staci and I love to throw theme parties. We decided to have a party the day after my defense to celebrate. When coming up with ideas, I decided that a prom theme would be an amazing way to celebrate  the new letters after my name. I wanted everyone to come dressed in attire that was $10 or less to make it even more fun! I have the best friends because they came decked out and we had a blast.

Here is Staci and I having fun with the self-timer on the camera waiting for our guests to arrive. 

I found this dress at a vintage store in Iowa City. The flower was actually on the dress but I took it off and made it into a headband. All the black you see is velvet. 

We turned Staci's living room into a dance floor and also had a place for the Wallflowers. Everyone voted for Prom King and Queen and the guy below won BOTH King and Queen. It was a sweet victory. The prom committee decided on the theme Here's To the Night with black and gold as the colors. We served spiked punch and had a photo booth (aka my computer with the Photo Booth app up). We made corsages and boutonnieres out of roses for our guests and hosted an after prom in Staci's loft. 

I set up my 'nice' camera on a tripod and took prom photos of all the couples (Bennett was on call this past weekend so he had to miss out on the fun). The photos are currently being processed and will be mailed to all the couples that choose to have their photo taken as a favor. Below is a slideshow of my favorites. Feel free to save any photos you would like to have!

And this is my favorite photo of the night.  These ladies make me so happy.