A Cool Productivity Tool - Coffitivity

 Coffitivity is a free website and app that simulates the sound of coffee shop to help you be more productive and creative. Research from the University of Chicago found that a moderate level of ambient noise is best for creativity. ::: research article here :::  Coffitivity has looping sounds of a coffee shop: snippets of conversation, glasses clanking, the espresso machine, doors opening, etc. which are exactly the level and type of noise the study found to be most helpful for creativity.

I have been a user of Coffitivity since it started in 2013. I use it everyday. When you go to the website you will see a list of ambient noise categories, my favorite is the Morning Murmur. The first three themed sounds on the site (pictured below) are free. For $9 a year you can get access to the full list. 

If you like to listen to music you can adjust your music to be slightly louder than the website's ambient noise.  I typically just listen to the Coffitivity tones by itself.  

As someone who has always worked in coffee shops because I have felt most productive there (now I know why), I have found this website to be extremely helpful in increasing my productivity despite my location. 

There are lots of other websites that provide ambient noise and include sounds from nature, animals, music, etc. Here are three other websites that I like using: 

Jazz and Rain 

A Soft Murmur


Spotify also has productivity playlists that include ambient noise with music if you prefer to use that platform. When I really need to buckle down and get work down, Coffitivity will always remain my go-to clutch move. Give it a try and let me know what you think!