That's My Jam - Being a Kindness Krusader

I always talk about how amazing my HOBY friends are, so I thought I would start spreading the word on some of the outstanding projects they are working on so you can understand why I love them so much. 

So . . . 

Meet Tess Harkin.

Tess Harkin.jpeg

Remember this face and name because Tess is destined for future fame as a journalist, blogger, actress, SNL cast member, philanthropist, hashtag developer (a job I anticipate will be in the future), and a Kindness Krusader. 

I have many, what I call Soul Sisters, in my life. Soul Sisters are women that inspire me, make me laugh, and bring out the best in me. They are women that I have connections with and love being around; Tess is one of my HOBY Soul Sisters and I was very lucky that she was in my WLC group this year. 

First, you need to follow Tess on Twitter @Tess_Harkin so you can experience her witty web presence firsthand. Next, you need to follow her blog Operation Outstanding. Last, you need to become a Kindness Krusader with Tess! Tess has a challenge for you to follow where if you decide to be a Kindress Krusader (info here) you can follow the missions she gives you to spread kindness. What an awesome idea! (Did I mention Tess is only a high school junior?!) The first mission was to write a note of encouraging words to someone. This week's mission is to write something positive about yourself down each morning and at the end of the week when you have your list compiled, hang it up somewhere where you will see it to reference when you are feeling down. 

Join Tess in her effort to spread kindness and support my Soul Sister!