Camera Roll Highlights

Camera Roll Highlights - PJs & Pillowfights

This past weekend I drove back to Omaha to spend time with friends.  My Omaha crew is always up for a good theme party so my friend Staci and I thought it would be fun to have a huge sleepover. We decided on a 90s theme since our best sleepovers from childhood took place in that decade. The result was PJs & Pillowfights, our grownup 90s themed sleepover.

Everyone came in their favorite PJs, it was a good display of nostalgia and creativity. I choose MC Hammer style pants (I got them at Urban Outfitters indicating that this may actually be back in style), a Tupac tank, and of course a huge scrunchie. Decorations included lots of pink, purple, and animal print with gold star plates and a variety of neon cups. We had vintage VHS tapes of classic 90s movies set out and sprayed painted a bunch of cassette tapes gold to hang across the table. We also made sure to stick Lisa Frank stickers everywhere, by the end of the night the Lisa Frank stickers were all over people's cups and faces. Staci made a majestic chandelier out of slinkys and we had vases full of multi-colored bouncy balls.

For food, our theme was things that we had in our lunchbox in the 90s. We had Gushers, made Dunkaroo dip, Ring Pops and other fun snack food. We also served cookies and 'milk' (Our grown-up version of milk was White Russians).

We played lots of great games including MASH, (adult) MAD LIBS, built an intense fort (that I actually slept in the whole night), danced and lip synced o our favorite 90s hits and even played Mario on the Super Nintendo. Everyone also got an animal print snap bracelet and gel pen as favors. We ended the night having some pillow fights in our fort with feathers everywhere. I had a great time catching up with everyone and being surrounded by people who make me happy.

Camera Roll Highlights - Days in December

I have not blogged in a few weeks. This is because every moment of free time I have to use my computer, I have used to work on my dissertation. However, I have taken some time over the past few weeks to enjoy the holiday break. While I love decorating for Winter, I didn't have time to do a whole lot around the house but managed to put up a few items. Here are some of my favorites:

I got this wire wreath in Lincoln Park in Chicago at CB2. You can do anything you want with it. Put ornaments in it, clip photos to it, or hang lights on it. It is only $12.95 now and you can get one  here .

I got this wire wreath in Lincoln Park in Chicago at CB2. You can do anything you want with it. Put ornaments in it, clip photos to it, or hang lights on it. It is only $12.95 now and you can get one here.

I added lights around the fireplace. I may keep them up all year because they add a little something.

I added lights around the fireplace. I may keep them up all year because they add a little something.

We discovered duraflame this year.

We discovered duraflame this year.

Greenery in a growler.

Greenery in a growler.

I went to many of the holiday events that Iowa City had to offer. I attended a holiday party at my hair salon where my hair stylist dressed like Santa and gave free blowouts. I went to a few holiday food and wine tastings, art shows, saw an ice sculpture artist, and even hosted a small winter dinner party for a Bennett's fellow residents. Bennett and I both got the last week off of work and spent time at our parents' homes to celebrate the holidays. In Larchwood, IA with his parents, we had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Themed Christmas (inspired by our Ninja Turtle enthusiast nephew Jack) where we all wore Ninja Turtle attire and played with everything related to Turtle Power. We also held the 4th annual Poss Reindeer Games where we competed over a variety of board games as well as Minute to Win It types of games. Bennett took home the grand prize for the second time, I came in last. We ate good food, caught up with old friends, and relaxed. Bennett and I even managed to get away to get pedicures. Then we headed to Sioux City where we ate even more good food, had a present opening frenzy, and spent a lot of time laughing over playing Just Dance on the Wii, a creativity board game called Disruptus, and scratching off holiday scratch cards hoping to win (a tradition). We came home with a car full of incredible and thoughtful gifts feeling thankful for being able to spend time with our families even though it was only for a few days. Here are a few of the highlights from my Camera Roll.

Camera Roll Highlights - My Best Friend's Wedding!

This past weekend one of my best friends, Jess, got married and I had the honor of serving as a bridesmaid for her. I met Jess the very first day of college at Creighton. Jess and I both majored in psychology, attended graduate school together, and now both work as school psychs in Iowa. Through the eight years of school together we have done a lot of studying, research, and traveling together. But above all, Jess and I always are laughing when we are together. I remember one time, we were in the parking garage at graduate school late after class laughing so hard we had dropped our bags to the ground. One of our professors walked by and told us to never stop laughing like that and we have not. I am so thankful to have Jess as a friend and it was awesome seeing her so happy at her wedding.  

The wedding was beautiful; the reception was in an old, renovated church. The colors looked gorgeous, Jess looked stunning, and we had a ton of fun dancing. The wedding party even did a choreographed dance to the song Blurred Lines. I was the social media chair for the event (self-appointed) and set up an app called WedPics where guests could upload photos as the event was going on and all of the guests could view and comment on the photos that other people were posting. I wish they had that for other events and not just weddings because it was awesome! Here are some of the highlights from WedPics that were on my Camera Roll.


Jess now lives in Stuart, Iowa which is near Des Moines, Iowa which is where the wedding took place. The whole wedding weekend I kept thinking of the Californian's sketch on Saturday Night Live. In this fake soap opera one of the character names' is Stuart and Kristen Wig always is yelling "Stuart" in a thick surfer accent so of course I had to keep saying "Stuart" in that voice constantly. It is one of my favorite sketches on the newer SNL episodes and you have to watch it if you have never seen it.