This Pep Talk Generator is Too Cool

I am passionate about engaging with women who generate ideas and that is what Babe Vibes is about. Babe Vibes is a collection of products, interviews, and publications by creative women. The ladies over there recently launched a Pep Talk Generator  that is so cool I had to share it with you. 

Just go to the Pep Talk Generator read a pep talk and click 'Next Pep Talk' to hear another. 

Day made. #BabeVibes

Here are some example of the pep talks you will find - - - 

One of my favorite lines from these pep talks is 

"Anyone who orders a little bit of ice cream isn't going to change the world"  - Mei Ratz

What's one of your favorite pep talk lines? #BabeVibes

Snow & Graham Pens are Cool

I found these really cool Snow & Graham pens in January at RSVP, a little stationary store in town. I am very picky about pens but loved the way they wrote and the motivational sayings on them. The most extraordinary thing about these pens is that I still have ALL three of them after six months. They are so cool people always give them back to me and they are easy to spot in my purse or huge computer bag. 

Here are some other Snow & Graham pens I have my eye on. You can purchase the pens online by clicking here. I LOVE talking office supplies and would love to hear about your favorite type of pen.  

Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult is the coolest nail lacquer. I was first drawn to it's colorful display that features various action figures and is sorted by color. I was then sold by the names. ::::Check the rhyme. She said yeah. Cut the mullet. Gay ponies dancing in the snow::: Now those are solid names for nail polish. 

The lacquer goes on smooth, dries fast, is durable, and has a bright shine. One bottle is cheaper than a manicure. Here are the ones that I have & adore

- from left to right - 

Bitter Buddhist |  Bang the Dream  | The Graduate |  Kundalini Hustle 


I buy Smith & Cult in Iowa City at Buzz Salon. You can also purchase it online. The descriptions of each color on the website make me smile. I also recommend to follow Smith & Cult on social media because the brand itself is cool. They also just came out with lipgloss. . .