Hello, my name is Allison Poss.

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  • I love bright lipstick. 



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I am a licensed school psychologist, adjunct psychology professor, self-proclaimed Thinkologist, and current doctoral student studying leadership.  I love yoga, volunteering, fashion, current events, researching creativity for my dissertation, collecting & creating art, watching TV (especially Girls), coffee, good conversation, and dancing.  

Bennett is a psychiatry resident who has agreed (per his publicist's permission) to participate in this blog through 'guest'  posts.  Bennett loves to read, play video games, watch sports, hang out with friends (especially while playing video games and watching sports), and compose witty tweets.

Pax is our little Yorkie who weighs in at 6lbs. He loves to sleep and cuddle and sit (if he gets a treat). Once an aspiring dog model, his current plan is to pursue a career as a therapy dog in the future.