I am a school psychologist that is passionate about all things related to leadership, innovation, and women.  

ED.D: LEADERSHIP                                  2011-2014                                                      Creighton University | Omaha, NE                  

ED.S: SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY              2010-2012

University of Nebraska-Omaha | Omaha, NE  

MS: PSYCHOLOGY                                  2008-2010

University of Nebraska-Omaha | Omaha, NE 

BA: PSYCHOLOGY                                  2004-2007

Creighton University | Omaha, NE |

I believe that it is important as a leader to work beside your group members while being an exceptional prototype of the group identity. Leaders should model the attitude and work ethic they expect from others.  A leader should always strive for progress and inspire their group members to do the same by capitalizing on each individual’s strengths and by using creative problem-solving. Above all, a leader should show through actions that each member of the group is important, talented, and cared for. 

SORORITY CHAPTER ADVISOR                                                                                                                             

  • August 2011-Present | Gamma Phi Beta Sorority                                    
  • Volunteer an average of 5-10 hours per week for the organization.
  • Mentor college women on leadership skills.
  • Coach members on event planning, member retention, positive relationships, budgeting, philanthropy effort, scholarship, and morale.


  • July 2015- Present  | Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
  • Head of leadership conference for 200 students and 50 volunteers. 
  • Designed and implemented substantial three day program. 
  • Mentored, mentored, and coached executive volunteer team. 

DIRECTOR OF RECRUITMENT                        

  • July 2014- July 2015| Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
  • Responsible for recruiting and registering students from around the state of Iowa to attend one of the top leadership programs in the country. 
  • Developed online forms using the Formstack application to keep track of paperwork for over 200 students.  

CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER                          

  • July 2013- Present  | Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
  • 2015 - Served as liaison to the board for the planning committee.  
  • 2014 - Served as Secretary of the board for one year. 
  • 2013 - Served as Director of Fundraising for one year; responsible for all fundraising activities for the nonprofit organization. 


  • July 2012- Present  | Iowa Hugh O'Brian World Leadership Congress
  • Designed program elements around the social change model of leadership for 450 international students and served as emcee. 
  • Coached volunteers on facilitation skills. 
  • Mentored 36 students from around the globe. 

CO-DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS                           

  •  August 2008-May 2012 | Iowa Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar
  • Planned leadership conference for 200 high school student leaders from Iowa.
  •  Responsible for organizing over 40 speakers and designing activities to inspire thinking that focused on service, diversity, leadership, and creating change.
  • Executed panels, activities, and presentation around the Social Change Model of Leadership and collaborated with prominent leaders across Iowa.

VOLUNTEER STAFF MEMBER                                                       

  • 2002 - Present | Iowa Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar                                                  
  • Selected to attend organization in 2002 and since have volunteered for it.
  • Volunteered over 150 hours per year in planning and mentoring students. 
  • Planned events, trained staff, fundraised, and recruited students. 


  • September 2002 - 2009 | Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor  
  • Had two little sisters through the organization. 
  • Helped with homework, designed fun activities, engaged with the community, and spent time together.  


  • August 2015 - Present
  • Girls with Ideas is a leadership organization focused closing the gender leadership gap by directly teaching leadership skills to young girls through the process of implementing an idea. It started as a product of Axle Rev and soon became its own organization. 


  • May 2014 - Present | Thinkologist
  • Axle Rev is a boutique organizational development firm that specializes in creativity and innovation. Axle Rev offers practical, actionable industry tested solutions for resolving leadership and employee recruitment and retention issues. 
  • Creates and executes trainings, workshops, and online courses around the topics of leadership for innovation, millennials in the workplace, and employee engagement/purpose. 
  • Developed the Leadership for Innovation model for The Innovators Academy, a suite of trainings that helps leaders navigate the paradoxes of innovation in their organization. 

MOBILE CRISIS COUNSELOR                                                

  • March 2015- Present  | Crisis Center of Johnson County
  • Responds to crisis situations in the home for local community members in needs of assistance and helps problem solve solutions. 


  • January 2016- Present | Coe College
  • January 2011- December 2012 | University of Nebraska at Omaha
  •  Invited to teach an Introduction to Psychology undergraduate course.
  •  Created lesson plans, presentations, lectures, leads discussions, poses questions for critical thinking and reflection, and advised undergraduate students.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST                                                    

  • August 2013- June 2015 | Grant Wood Area Education Agency
  • Responsible for initial special education evaluation, re-evaluations, and consultation on IEP goals and services for two elementary schools.
  • Consultant for Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports initiatives.
  •  Led school district through a review from the Federal Office of Civil Rights.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST                       

  • August 2011- July 2013 | Green Hills Area Education Agency
  • Responsible for initial special education evaluation, re-evaluations, and consultation on IEP goals and services for grades preschool – 12th. 
  •  Conducted professional development on Response to Intervention, education policy, interventions, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, and core curriculum.
  •  Designed, created, and implemented a data wall for the elementary school that resulted in identification of struggling students who then received interventions.
  • Selected, organized, administered, and managed curriculum based assessments in reading, math, and writing for grades K-5. Analyzed all of the data.
  • Counseled students weekly in small groups and one on one.


  • May 2009 – August 2011 | University of Nebraska at Omaha
  •  Managed and trained staff of twenty-five undergraduate students.
  • Created, organized, and ran 50 orientation sessions a year for new and transfer undergraduate students. Led organization through second-order change.
  • Conducted a program evaluation for the organization that resulted in approval for budget extension, increase in staff, and overhaul of program elements.

TEACHING ASSISTANT                        

  • September 2008-May 2009 | University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Created and presented weekly lectures to five sections of about 20 students for an Introduction to Psychology course. Goal of each lecture was to stimulate the students’ critical thinking. Worked with students on study skills as well.


  • March 2009- August 2011  | Club Z Tutoring
  • Tutored students in foster care or in state care for drug related charges.
  • Mentored students on personal issues and advocated for services in collaboration with families. 
  •  Tutored students on specific subjects in school and specializes in teaching study skills curriculum.

RESIDENTIAL MANAGER                       

  • January 2008-September 2008 | Developmental Services of Nebraska
  • Managed staff and clients of assisted living facility for persons with developmental disabilities.
  •  Continually assessed, created, and wrote new goals and programs for clients.
  •  Ensured staff received appropriate training and resources to serve clients.

 BEHAVIORAL SPECIALIST                                   

  • June 2007- January 2008 | Children’s Respite Care Center
  • Designed and implemented behavior intervention programs and lesson plans for preschool aged students with behavioral disorders.